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Exolover Pty Ltd is an Australian company developing high tech adult novelty devices which allow users to interact remotely and share real intimate sensations in complete privacy. ExoLover is a project that includes a decentralized platform and adult wearable sex toys that allow users to experience the full range of sexual sensations of sexual intercourse alone or with partners from across the globe. It includes the adult novelty device, adult video and audio content synchronized with the device via platform for personal use and process management by the user or the specified program. It includes the innovative devices synchronously connected via the platform and process management by one of the users. The number of partners and the choice of devices can vary depending on sexual preferences. Essentially, ExoLover Pty Ltd is an Australian registered company engaged in designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, selling and licensing patented and proprietary intellectual property rights related to its ExoLover Suite of high-tech adult sex toys. The patented state of the art wearable technology realistically emulates perceptory, acoustic, somatic, visual and haptic stimuli allowing users to interact remotely over the decentralized blockchain ExoLover Platform. EXO token is a utility platform token for use on the Exo decentralised adult entertainment platform and can be used to procure products and services offered on the platform. In this case, the price will be discounted. Below are written instructions on how to acquire the EXO Tokens, you can also click here for a video which also explains the process.

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Bungie has revealed the next big expansion for Destiny 2 – and it marks the return of a character players haven’t seen since the Destiny 1 campaign. Destiny 2: Beyond Light, due out on 22nd September , revolves around the arrival of the mysterious Darkness via a fleet of Pyramid ships that is heading towards Earth. Destiny 2’s Season of Arrivals, which begins today, sees the arrival of the first Pyramid ship on the moon of Io.

This sets off a chain of events that will unfold throughout the season and tie into Beyond Light. Beyond Light adds a new destination, Jupiter’s frozen moon Europa, and above it an ancient Pyramid ship. You get to infiltrate the Golden Age Braytech facility there and uncover secrets under the ice.

Read Ending # 2: Suho – Ice Skating from the story The EXO Dating Game [EXO x What if you can only choose one afterwards without even seeing them? And why would he buy a mall when his family could just build one of their own?

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Release Date, 01 February EXO tells the story of Donovan Reyes, a teen soldier on a future Earth that’s been colonized by an alien species.

This tour operator does not provide any additional savings. Read More. EXO Travel formerly Exotissimo is a tour company that specializes in East Asia, with more than 20 years experience in that region. Founded by three young Frenchmen in Vietnam in , EXO has methodically expanded to eight other countries in the years since and added employees. It changed its name from Exotissimo in EXO emphasizes experiential, culturally sensitive travel with a diverse range of activities.

In Cambodia, for instance, it offers collections of short tours, adventure tours, killing fields tours, nature tours, scenic tours, and spiritual tours. EXO also has its own foundation that gives back to the local communities. You might find people of all ages from around the world and with many diverse interests traveling with you.

Some tours combine two or more countries. Exo has dozens of pre-set itineraries to choose among, or they will help you customize your own trip. Exo is known for its high standards of service, expertise on the ground, well-trained guides, and commitment to responsible travel. Travel China Guide specializes in private and small group tours in China.

The Exonet Story

It is fair to say that I have been deeply involved in Exonet a. I’ve often been asked, what made me take on such a crazily ambitious task as writing an accounting software package and how did Exonet rise to Australasian prominence so quickly? Who were the people and what were the events behind Exonet that got it to where it is today?

Superbly versatile, the Exo Pro arm sleeve is a great option for those early chilly morning runs or for varying weather conditions. A must-have item for your.

We have detected that you are accessing from a country different to that being shown in the web. Do you want to change it? For more information see our privacy policy. The Scorpion Exo-Combat helmet is an aggressive motorcycle helmet with a removable chain bar. A perfect helmet for a custom motorcycle. Scorpion Exo-Combat Evo : this is one of the motorcycle helmets with the most spectacular and provocative design that there is on the market.

The Scorpion brand bets on this type of helmet, which has many fans. This is the evolution of the successful Exo-Combat model. It stands out for having a newly designed chin bar.


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Exocog: A case study of a new genre in storytelling Similarly, the Choose Your Own Adventure idea failed to become much more than a date that had been suggested as end-of-game by headlines on the Exocog site and.

Monetising romance, we interview ExoClick’s dating traffic expert Zara Mankoo about the higher value of members area traffic for advertisers with some key data about Valentine’s Day. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? Sign Up. The Additive February Check out March’s edition of The Additive!

The Exo Stranger finally returns in Destiny 2 expansion Beyond Light

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It’s been a century of peace since Earth became a colony of an alien race with Date: September 1st, Publisher: Walker Books US About the Book is a fun middle grade mystery with a choose-your-own-adventure plot.

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Invaders have scouted your planet as their next target, you must protect it by building destructive turrets, orbital defenses, shields, drones and more to defend against the incoming invasion force. Manage a space station, flying through a procedually generated universe, fight, build and survive in the coldness of space. Experience the brutality and randomness of war as an Allied tactical commander in the Pacific Theater during World War 2. Train, equip, and command a Creative base building, space mining and defense – establish a mining colony, expand and research new station modules and defend against the ever

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One of the oldest known human activities is that of telling stories. It’s an important part of how we educate ourselves, pass down culture across generations, and entertain each other. Throughout the ages, storytellers have adapted their art to take advantage of changes in technology — moving from cave walls to stone tablets to papyrus to sheaves of paper to the printing press.

It should be no surprise, then, that some storytellers are looking at computers and the Internet with interest. This is not simply a matter of how they might use the Web as a publishing or distribution source for their stories, but how the special characteristics of the Internet can affect and change the nature of creating, telling, and experiencing stories. What follows is a detailed look at one experiment in this evolution of storytelling.

My partners and I wrote and released a story on the Internet not as narrative text, but as a set of Web sites whose content evolved over five weeks. The story was conveyed by the changes that occurred in these Web sites and in the events that those changes implied in the minds of the readers.

Transformers: Rescue Bots – ‘Choose Your Own Interactive Adventure’ EXCLUSIVE