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Pro sports postponed. Words can take kids anywhere. With our free Puku Summer Camp! Test your knowledge of strange human behaviors. Just a shot in the dark here. Trainspotting is the practice of watching trains, particularly as a hobby, with the aim of noting distinctive characteristics. Trainspotting came to the attention of most Americans through the film of that name directed by Danny Boyle, and based on the book by Irvine Welsh. The practice and name of trainspotting had been well established in the United Kingdom for decades prior to this, dating back to the years shortly after the Second World War. One who engages in trainspotting is a trainspotter.

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Feb 10, Lena Meyer-Landrut. Feb 10, Miss Fame. Feb 10, Ewen Bremner.

Sorted by popularity / date Robert Carlyle wants to make a third ‘Trainspotting’ film. Irvine Welsh has ideas for another ‘Trainspotting’ film and a spin-off.

Since then, Boyle has crafted a classic horror movie 28 Days Later , an undervalued kids film Millions , and won an Oscar for one of the worst films of his career, namely Slumdog Millionaire. And just last year, he stepped in to helm Steve Jobs , an interesting but not particularly successful attempt to summate the titular Apple pioneer, when David Fincher asked for too much to make great movie instead of a fascinating one. Oh well. Despite blips of notable work, Boyle has never quite returned to the level of formal ambition and attitude that denoted Trainspotting and his feature-film debut, Shallow Grave , easily the best film of his career.

Those who endured Trance and Slumdog Millionaire might not be able to imagine that Boyle can get back to that personal, intimate, and lively type of filmmaking but the recent announcement that he will be directing a sequel to Trainspotting has given some of us hope. And today, Sony announced that the film begins shooting today with much of the same cast that made the original so striking, including Ewen Bremner , Jonny Lee Miller , Robert Carlyle , and Ewan McGregor.

I was hoping for some word on Kelly Macdonald and Peter Mullan coming back, but no such luck from what the video unveils. In fact, the video only highlights some key scenes from the first film as it announces that the movie is on course to see release on January 27th, , in the UK, and has begun filming as of this morning.

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As they make their escape, they are cornered and made to go onstage to perform a song. They improvise and come up with a bit of sectarian musicianship they hope will appease their Protestant crowd. In an interview, the director Danny Boyle spoke about getting extras to go along with singing the kinds of songs that have been banned, and how he used small cameras to capture performances more naturally. Tell me about the song they sing here.

Trainspotting is the practice of watching trains, particularly as a hobby, with the established in the United Kingdom for decades prior to this, dating back to the.

Based on the novel of the same title by Irvine Welsh , the film was released in the United Kingdom on 23 February The Academy Award -nominated screenplay by John Hodge follows a group of heroin addicts in an economically depressed area of Edinburgh and their passage through life. Beyond drug addiction, other themes in the film include an exploration of the urban poverty and squalor in Edinburgh.

In , the film was voted the best Scottish film of all time in a general public poll. The title of the film comes from a particular scene in the book where the main character, Mark Renton, meets an old drunk in a disused train station, who turns out to be his friend’s estranged father. The old man asks Renton and Begbie, who is the man’s son, if they are “trainspottin ‘ “. He regularly partakes in drug use with his friends: Simon “Sick Boy” Williamson, a treacherous, womanising James Bond fanatic; Daniel “Spud” Murphy, an outwardly docile confidence trickster ; and Swanney, “Mother Superior”, their dealer.

Renton is warned about the dangers of his drug habit by his other friends, Francis “Franco” Begbie, an aggressive psychopath, and Tommy Mackenzie, a footballer, who both abstain from drugs. Growing tired of his reckless lifestyle, Renton attempts to wean himself off heroin with opium suppositories given by dealer Mikey Forrester. At a nightclub, Renton notices that his cessation of heroin use has increased his libido. He woos a girl named Diane Coulston and they have sex in the apartment owned by her parents, but is horrified to learn that she is below the age of consent.

Diane uses this as a threat against Renton to continue their relationship.

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Choose us. Choose life. Choose mortgage payments; choose washing machines; choose cars; choose sitting on a couch watching mind-numbing and spirit-crushing game shows, stuffing fuckin junk food intae yir mooth. Trainspotting is the story of Mark Renton and his friends, living through the Edinburgh heroin scene of the 80s. Plays To See. Her early work was predominantly music based, before spending several years on the touring musical theatre scene.

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When Renton’s libido returns after months of redundancy, it is Diane Kelly Macdonald who sets it alight. Emerging from a nightclub after shunning the advances of a clubber, she is pursued by Renton with an air of desperation. She responds to his pathetic chat-up attempt with an icily cruel speech that leaves him totally crestfallen. When she leaves her taxi door open for Renton to follow, it becomes apparent that the knock-back may have been merely a device to establish sexual power over him.

This, it seems, is indicative of many of the female characters in Trainspotting. Spud’s girlfriend has refused to sleep with him during their six-week relationship, but later confesses to Lizzy that she’s “been desperate for a shag but watching him suffer is just too much fun. When Diane emerges from her bedroom after a night of passion with Renton, she has swapped her sparkling silver dress for a school uniform.

The realisation that she is an underage schoolgirl is at once amusing and disturbing for both Renton and the audience. We empathise with the sense of urgency Renton has to escape her or face the consequences. Diane has all the power in this situation – if found out, Renton would be branded a sexual deviant and Diane a victim – she knows this and is able to blackmail him into another meeting. It is also Diane who manages to highlight the inadequacies of the main protagonists.

Francis ‘Franco’ Begbie

Look back at the leading ladies of the s who made their mark with iconic roles and some major hairstyles, too. See the gallery. A wild, freeform, Rabelaisian trip through the darkest recesses of Edinburgh low-life, focusing on Mark Renton and his attempt to give up his heroin habit, and how the latter affects his relationship with family and friends: Sean Connery wannabe Sick Boy, dimbulb Spud, psycho Begbie, year-old girlfriend Diane, and clean-cut athlete Tommy, who’s never touched drugs but can’t help being curious about them Trainspotting is the story of a humor, violence, goofiness, abuse, friendship and sadness in heroin-addicted Scotland.

It’s a really vulgar film, with lots of disgusting scatological humor, pointless violence, and the pain of a life on heroin. But it’s very well done, with a snappy, realistic script, lots of genuinely funny moments, some truly moving and sad scenes about this horrible existence, and, in the end, many important things to say.

Trainspotting was a British film that was released in It is based release date. 23 February runtime. 93 minutes. book. Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh.

Celebrate National Dog Day with a look at some shows that feature a few of the most adorable dogs on TV. Watch the video. First there was an opportunity Twenty years have gone by. Much has changed but just as much remains the same. Mark Renton Ewan McGregor returns to the only place he can ever call home. Other old friends are waiting too: sorrow, loss, joy, vengeance, hatred, friendship, love, longing, fear, regret, diamorphine, self-destruction and mortal danger, they are all lined up to welcome him, ready to join the dance.

Written by Sony Pictures Entertainment. It’s not often I go to the cinema to watch a day-one screening, but my love of Irvine Welsh and the previous Trainspotting film meant I just could not resist. This film is a wonderful show of friendship and Begbie’s psycho temper which encapsulates left over stories from the first book and large portions of ‘Porno’ the following book. I’m pleased to announce that all characters still have that beautiful chemistry featured in the original and work to provide scenes of pure comedy genius and others of emotion and absolute anger.

The film really lives and breathes nostalgia of its predecessor, as well as showing how, even if we all change on the outside, we are still the same on the insides. We all make the same choices in life over and over. My only complaint with this film is that it didn’t feel as slick as the first film.

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If this were not the sequel to what has become one of the best known British films of all time and one of the most highly regarded, at least in its homeland , I would categorize it as a crime movie in which Boyle endeavors to camouflage the meager plot by means of an almost endless supply of stylistic stratagems. How does one make a sequel to a picture whose worth is measured not by its plot, but by the way the plot caught the time in which it was fashioned?

Because the four young protagonists have morphed into men of plus, three of whom are still hooked on hard drugs, it was reasonable to assume that the sequel would exude even more emotion than the original. Boyle tries to reprise this in the sequel, but also purports to deal with issues of growing older and looming old age among a group of characters who never had a future.

The nervous energy Boyle tries to foist on his new film — aided by the jumpy camera, the soundtrack and all the stylistic maneuvers — feels forced. The effect, instead of drawing us into the movie, is to alienate us. The sequel feels constrained and shows even more blatantly the thinness of the plot. Two intersecting events drive the story. Begbie escapes from jail just as Renton Ewan McGregor — the only one of the four who has kicked the drug habit up to a certain point, at least — returns to Edinburgh from Amsterdam, where he got married and has just divorced his wife.

Despite the grudge he holds against Renton, Simon is ready to make him a partner in his plan to turn an abandoned pub into a brothel.

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Choose life, toilets, footie and more. T2 cast don’t want to be “cashing in” on the series. First reviews for Danny Boyle’s sequel are in. There’s no raw silk toilet roll in sight.

‘Trainspotting’ defined the historical moment in which it was made. For Immigrants in America, Every Play Date Is a Cultural Minefield · Unlike.

Next to Independence Day, Trainspotting may be the most hyped motion picture of the summer. Miramax Films, the distributor that saturated the market with ads for The Crying Game in 93 and Pulp Fiction in ’94, has struck again. Trainspotting , which is based on Irvine Welsh’s cult novel and is directed by Shallow Grave helmsman Danny Boyle, became a smash hit in the UK during its run there.

Miramax, hoping for a similar reaction on this side of the Atlantic, has been shouting from the rooftops, using big, splashy print ads and chaotic TV and theatrical spots to lure in their target audience. The danger is, of course, that Trainspotting ‘s substance will get drowned by the marketing. I chose to choose something else,” says the film’s narrator and main character, a twenty-something Edinburgh man named Mark Renton Ewan McGregor , near the outset of Trainspotting.

In rejecting the yuppie culture of a nuclear family, material possessions, a paying job, and dental insurance, Renton is rebelling, but this isn’t just the usual disaffection of youth — it’s a deeper, more pervasive dissatisfaction with a culture he views as sick and stifling. Renton’s escape is through drugs — primarily heroin, but really anything he can get his hands on.

He’s surrounded by his “buddies”, a group of crooks, liars, and psychos who are even more twisted than he is. There’s Spud Ewan Bremner , a shy, inoffensive junkie; Sick Boy Jonny Lee Miller , a vicious, duplicitous con artist who’s obsessed with Sean Connery; Tommy Kevin McKidd , a “virtuous” young man fighting the temptation of heroin; and Begbie Robert Carlyle , a nutcase who gets his thrills from beating up people.

Danny Boyle Narrates a Scene From ‘T2 Trainspotting’

A Penguin Random House Company. Registered number: England. The official website of Irvine Welsh, an acclaimed and often controversial writer of novels, stories and stage and screenplays.

The sequel to Irvine Welsh’s novel Trainspotting is called Porno. But it turns out director Danny Boyle, who brought the film adaptation to the big screen in

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‘Trainspotting 2’ to Hit U.S. Theaters in February

Despite its audience appeal, however, Trainspotting also succeeded in raising the ire of more than a few critics, who found the depiction of heroin addicts to be a glamorization of drug abuse. According to Welsh, Trainspotting 2 will still take place in present day Edinburgh, but rather than catching up with the characters after a ten year hiatus, the gap will reflect a real time leap of 20 years.

What seems like a simple plan turns out to be anything but, especially once the psychopathic Begbie Robert Carlyle re-enters the fold. With direction from Danny Boyle, a script by John Hodge and the entire cast of its original main characters returning, Trainspotting 2 stands a good chance of hitting the mark.

It won the Sunday Times award for best new play. It is the story of Mark Renton and his friends in the Edinburgh heroin scene of the eighties. Dates. Trainspotting.

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